Marcel de Bretagne

The Lord Inquisitor in charge of Cell 141


Age: ??
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 81.6kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Homeworld: Balecaster

Born to the ancient Inquisitorial family of Balecaster, de Bretagne, Marcel has spent his whole life in service to the Golden Throne. Though many of his personal details are thusfar obscure, it is known that at some point in his career he was possessed by a daemon. Through acute utilization of extreme willpower, Marcel exorcised himself and regained control of his mind and body. Such individuals are incredibly rare in the Imperium and are known as “Illuminati” or “Illuminated.” At this point little else is known about their organization or goals, except that many are Inquisitors and some of very high status, giving them adequate resources to carry out their missions. Illuminati are deemed Extremis Diabolus by the Ordo Malleus and hunted at every conceivable turn giving rise to a millennia old shadow war between the two groups.

Once the proud captain of the Richilieu, Marcel lost his ship and nearly all of his resources at the hands of Lady Inquisitor Elenora. Their history together is unknown.

Marcel de Bretagne

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